Inside Ebbets Factory

Inside Ebbets Factory


Manufacturing Timeless  
Vintage Apparel ~
Since 1988.


Based out of Seattle, Washington, our factory sits in the heart of the cities industrial area. Surrounded by both our cities stadiums, we feel right at home with Seattle's sports fans.

In everything that we do we make sure to stick as closely to the original production process as possibly. Scroll down to see some of our machines, walls of patches, knitting machines, wool felts and some of our hard-working team.

Our custom tabletop plotters are running overtime to create that authentic, classic feel that is Ebbets Field Flannels.

Everything that ships out touches our hands and goes through a rigorous quality-control process.

The research and love that goes into every garment makes every piece special to us and hopefully to you too!

Our historical football and hockey jerseys are made in limited production runs in our Seattle workshop.

Our fine, 16-gauge American wool knit jersey fabric is comfortable and durable.

We have over 40 different authentic styles to choose from.

Our patterns were developed by carefully studying antique garments, and are identical to the originals in every aspect.

We have been making vintage baseball shirts for over 25 years. Our authentic wool flannel baseball jerseys are identical to the original in fabric and craftsmanship.

All of our flannels are carefully researched and
recreated using the original materials, lettering, sleeve patches and trim.We use real 1950s-era wool blend baseball cloth for all of our jerseys.

Each shirt is a labor of love, and handcrafted especially for you.


Every piece of Ebbets clothing touches our hands and goes through a rigorous quality control process so you can be sure your product is what you expected.


Our fabrics and manufacturing techniques are identical to the originals. We never settle for "lookalikes." Instead we tirelessly seek and hunt
down authentic materials and use them in our apparel.


We are a family here at Ebbets. Our team is small and we work together from top to bottom. Each member of our team is ready to jump on many tasks to get the job done!

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Recently bought an Authentic Replica 1925 Ironton Tank football jersey from this site. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Great material, well made, worth the wait!

SSG Miles

Dear Jerry, EFF employees, and Shaun (Hawaii shaka to you),

I love all of your Artistic Recreations of historic uniforms and caps.

What you do is truly an art. I have numerous jerseys that you have created for me hanging on walls in my rec room and I rotate them so I can enjoy all of them.

I will try to get them all together and take a picture to send to you.

I sincerely thank you for all your efforts. Jerry, I think that you should compose more of the stories regarding your discoveries about the origins of the various uniforms and hats and include more pictures of the old time players…….it makes buying and wearing them so much more compelling and interesting.

Best Regards,

Stephen E. Clason
Honolulu, Hawaii

Stephen E Clason

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