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Toledo Buckeyes Authentic Hockey Sweater

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Description: Authentic reproduction of the original 1949-1950 Toledo Buckeyes Hockey Sweater. Made on our own knitting machines in our Seattle workshop. This jersey is as authentic as they come!

Product Details:

  • Knitted in our Seattle workshop
  • Made from 16-gauge worsted wool
  • Doubled elbows
  • Wool felt emblem with chain stitched detail
  • Hand sewn wool felt #45 on back
  • Item #: TOLHS

League: Eastern Hockey League

History: The Toledo Mercurys switched leagues, from the IHL to the EAHL, in 1949-50 and also switched names when they were sponsored by the Buckeye Brewing Company. In a very unusual move, they competed in both the North and South divisions of the IHL during the 1949-50 season because the ownership wanted to play more games. Wool knit jersey with felt and embroidered crest.

Please note: Within the wool yarns, there may be some slight color variations. This is an inherent trait of the authentic wool we use. This should not be considered a flaw, but like the original garment, merely part of its charm.

Please note: This product cannot be customized.

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