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Amanda Clement UMPS 1906 Jersey

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Vintage White
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History: In 1904 at 16 years old, Amanda Clement became the first woman paid to umpire mens baseball games. The Renville and Hawarden teams involved actually had to persuade her mother to let her umpire when the ump was a no show. Umping was not considered a ladylike thing to do. Amanda grew up next to a ballpark watching her brother and the neighborhood boys play ball. Never really allowed to play ball with them, Amanda did frequently act as Umpire for their games and was known by them as knowledgeable, precise and fair. Her mother relenting, Amanda took her place behind the pitchers mound. She expertly covered all four bases as well as the strikes and balls. Clement immediately put all doubts to rest. Hired on the spot, she began a successful career as a professional umpire for the next six years. Earning between $15 and $25 a game and averaging over 50 games each summer, she earned enough money to put herself through college. Serious about her work as the sole decision maker on field, she was not afraid to eject a player in order to maintain control of the game, of which she estimated ejecting approximately half a dozen players over the years, yet said she was always treated with the utmost respect. Amanda felt her gender was an advantage in regards to umping since it was socially unacceptable at the time to insult a lady, either verbally or physically. Word of her Umping prowess spread quickly as she became the new novelty in the popular sport of baseball. Players and Sports reporters alike dubber her “The Only Lady Umpire in the World” and “The Lady in Blue” saying she was “death on balls and strikes”. Amanda could play just as well as she umped and in 1912 threw a baseball 279 feet – a world record for a female. She may have been the first woman to referee basketball games professionally, but due to poor record keeping regarding women in sports, this cannot (yet) be proven.

Product Description:

  • Made in the USA
  • Women's Baseball
  • Authentic reproduction of the jersey worn in 1906 by Amanda Clement
  • Vintage white wool flannel
  • Navy felt "UMPS" on front
  • Button front
  • Item #: EFFA-UMPJ
Unisex sizing. Refer to sizing chart for measurements.
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