Wholesale Info

Interested in purchasing multiple products from our historic lines at wholesale prices?

All items on our website can be made for you in quantity at discounted prices - including ballcaps, jerseys, jackets, t-shirts and knitwear. It's a great way to add Ebbets quality to your inventory. 
Please note that we don't stock large inventories. So all wholesale and custom items are made to order.
Minimums, pricing and turn times vary depending on product type.


    Caps : 48
    T-Shirts : 250+
    Raglans : 250+
    Large Loop French Terry Crewneck: 24
    100% Cotton Crewneck : 24
    Cut-Off Sweatshirt : 24
    Hoodie Sweatshirt : 24
    Jerseys : 6
    Hockey Knitwear : 12
    Football Knit : 12
    Grounds Crew : 12
    Coaches Jacket : 12
    Authentic Jacket : 12

    For more information please contact Chloe Rivera at crivera@ebbets.com