Made to Order Flannel Holiday Deadline is Tues, Oct 11

Custom Flannel FAQ

Please note: The following refers to retail (single piece) custom orders. For custom WHOLESALE orders (48 or more caps, six or more jerseys or jackets) please contact Chloe Rivera at:

How much is a custom flannel jersey?
Historic custom flannels are $250, plus shipping in most cases. Extensive artwork or special processes will be assessed for an additional cost.

Can I design my own custom flannel?
Yes, but please keep in mind what works best is what worked on real flannel jerseys through 1971. Generally, one or two-color felt lettering with or without trim and number on back (or front as well). Contemporary logos that require digitized embroidery, or conceptual ideas without finished artwork are generally not suitable for single-piece custom flannels, and that we must charge for longer-than-normal art and design time. Also, because of the art time and digitizing costs, it is not practical to make single-piece embroidered sleeve patches, although we can certainly put felt letters or simple designs on the sleeve, as well as patches that we inventory.

Will I receive a proof?
Most historic flannels are designed from a photograph. As a proof takes additional time, and is really just another two-dimensional image of the jersey, it really makes little sense to spend the time to do a proof. We know our craft: If you send us a historical picture can convey the details (colors, etc) that is exactly what you will receive. We have been making historical jerseys for over 25 years, you can be assured of the accuracy and attention to detail your jersey will receive.

Can I order just one custom cap?
Unfortunately there is no way to efficiently provide this service, even at double the normal hat price. We are happy to make any custom caps with a minimum of just 48 pieces. Please contact for more information about this service.

Can I order a custom Grounds Crew jacket?
Yes, but it has to be in the "spirit" of the ones we offer; regular stock jacket colors and sewn felt lettering on the chest and back. Embroidery and complex logos can be accommodated on 6 or more jackets.

Can I order a custom authentic style wool or wool/leather jacket?
Absolutely. Similar guidelines apply as custom flannels. Priced on a case-by-case basis.

I have a Gift Ticket. Can I apply it to a custom order?
Due to the amount of extra work involved, we cannot accept Gift Tickets or apply discounts to custom work. Gift Tickets can be used on any current product on our website.

OK, I want to place a custom order. How do I get started?
Please send an email to If you have photos or artwork, please attach them. Custom orders cannot be started until we have all information: Your design, size, name and address, and form of payment (credit card number). You can also review the Custom Order section or regular product sections of our website for ideas and inspiration about fabric colors, sleeve styles, fonts, etc.

What if I don't like my jersey, can I send it back for a refund?
Unless it is in some way defective, we cannot offer refunds on custom work. We will, however, endeavor to do everything possible to make sure you are completely satisfied with your garment, and that it is everything you imagined and hoped for it to be.

How long will it take?
Custom work takes time, there is no way around it. Generally you will receive your custom jersey or jacket within six weeks. If for any reason we expect it to take longer, we will contact you.