Vernon Tigers 1910 T-Shirt


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History: Vernon was (and still is) an industrial town surrounded by the city of Los Angeles. Why locate a professional ballclub there, you might ask? It happened that sales of alcoholic beverages were legal in Vernon, but not in LA. Happy Hogan (who had changed his last name to avoid his father finding out that he had chosen baseball as a profession) managed the Tigers from 1909 until his untimely death from pneumonia in 1915. Hogan was an early advocate of uniform numbers, a concept which did not become standardized until the early 1930s.

Product Details:

  • Pacific Coast League
  • Vintage Blue T-Shirt
  • 6-ounce pre-shrunk pigment dyed 100% cotton
  • Imported, Printed in USA
  • Item #: VER10T
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