Our PCL Celebration!

Since we started EFF, the Pacific Coast League of 1903-1957 has always held a special place in our hearts and in those of our customers. Until the early 1950s, there were only 16 major league teams in ten cities, with St. Louis as the westernmost geographic reach of MLB. Television had not yet brought the MLB game of the week into people's homes. As a result, baseball on the West Coast developed its own special flavor and character. The Los Angeles and Bay Area regions alone housed over half a dozen ballclubs at different times. Relatively warm weather meant an unusually long season, as Coast League teams traveled from San Diego to Seattle (and later to Vancouver, Canada) to play week-long series. Major league stars like Joe and Dom DiMaggio and Ted Williams got their start in the PCL, and fans filled ballparks like Los Angeles' Wrigley Field and San Francisco's Seals Stadium. For a time the PCL was slated to be officially recognized as the third major league, but this changed when the Dodgers and Giants moved West, depriving the league of its two biggest territories. After 1957 the PCL reverted to a normal AAA league, but passions and memories remain strong to this day.

Ebbets Field Flannels celebrates the rich history of the PCL with several new authentic flannel jerseys and ballcaps. Our entire PCL collection of flannels, caps and authentic jackets is now on sale for a limited time. So here's to the Angels, Seals, Rainiers, Beavers, Stars, Padres, Solons, and all the other teams that made the PCL such a unique part of our baseball heritage!