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Interview with the Founder of Ebbets

EFF founder Jerry Cohen

Q: Why the name Ebbets Field Flannels?

A: Primarily it is a tip of the hat to my dad who was a die-hard Brooklyn Dodger fan. He told me his whole outlook on the world changed when Jackie Robinson joined the Dodgers. I got my passion for the game and the history of the game from him.

Also Ebbets Field is embedded in my Brooklyn roots.

Q: Why make apparel that showcases the Negro and Pacific Coast League?

A: I believe that there were “Parallel Worlds” in baseball history. As a child in New York/New Jersey, I learned about the baseball teams beyond the 10 Major League cities.

When I started doing research into the fabrics and manufacturing styles of classic flannel apparel I discovered the Pacific Coast League (1903-1957), which was an independent league on its way to Major League Status. This was the discovery of a treasure-trove. It was the same with Negro leagues. Most people did not know that these leagues and players even existed.

This “Parallel World” of baseball was rich with history and lore and unfortunately no one at that time was giving this information ‘voice’.

I committed to telling the story of these leagues/teams.

Q: Jerry, why do you do it?

A: I am a Historian by first love, apparel manufacturer by necessity.

Q: What did you do before Ebbets?

A: Musician, roll n roll guitarist most of my adult life.

Q: Do you still play?

A: Yeah, of course.

Q: So how do you get from rock and roll to baseball jerseys?

A: I wore them on stage because of their comfort and good looks. Naturally, when people saw them, they were interested in where I got them and how could they. Friends approached me and found out that I was making them myself. One thing led to another and now I own a company making vintage baseball apparel.

Q: So tell me about the jerseys?

A: The flagship product is the flannel baseball shirt. They really are not called Jerseys. A jersey is the shirt from any sport, which is not what I am making. I am making flannel baseball shirts.

Q: What about the flannel?

A: The flannel is the same authentic baseball wool-flannel blend used in pro baseball until the 1970 ’s.

Q: How are they made?

A: Every shirt is a independent project. We are making that specific shirt for you. (click here for more information on the manufacturing process)

We are the only company that does this. We have NO inventory of finished baseball flannels.

There is a process that takes place for each and every shirt. This takes some time but results in a far superior and unique product.


  1. Starts in research files. History of research by team.
  2. We keep all the specs for the shirts that we have previously made in our data files (color, sleeve patch (if any), fabric (white, grey or pin-stripe, etc).
  3. For shirts we have not done before, we refer to our team files where we can get accurate pictures and specifications.
  4. There are times when we are presented with an order for a flannel for which we have no team information. In this case we will either do the research ourselves, or we often get lucky and the customer provides us with the specifications. In this way we are constantly updating and growing our historic archives.
  5. Determine what pattern and color is required.
  6. Go to lettering sets, if not present, we must have it made.
  7. Cut and sew the shirt per the customers specifications. This is not a computer controlled manufacturing process. We use period manufacturing methods; each and every flannel is hand crafted.

Combine insatiable curiosity about history of baseball and the ability to craft authentic apparel and you get Ebbets Field Flannels.